Amparo Creative House proudly presents a  series of Limited Edition Facemask collaborations in the next few weeks with various artists from Alabama and Beyond. You will be supporting Celeste as well as the wonderful Artists who's work will be showcased on the mask


Facemask Details:

  • 100% cotton
  • organic ink from carriage house printery
  • 2 layers, with filter pocket and adjustable nose wire
  • t-shirt adjustable drawstring to ensure proper fit
  • 2 small prints
  • clear eco bag


Artist Bio

Chiharu Roach Artist Statement Chiharu Roach is a Birmingham, AL artist known for her “Tangled Hair” portraits of females with animals and insects interwoven in the hair of the subject where each strand of hair is intricately painted with her custom tiny brushes. Chi was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan and came to Birmingham in 2000 getting her art degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She uses animals to express the spiritual connection between humans and their range of behaviors and emotions. She is symbolizing the different memories and feelings our minds create that affect our lives. She paints each hair line as a prayer for her clients, future owners, and a special friend who is not with her anymore.


Chiharu Roach- FOX/RACOON/BUNNY- Limited Edition Facemask

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