LOOM TIME at RMM Fiber Lab

Upon moving back to Birmingham, about a year ago, I have really cherished being a part of the Red Mountain Makers Space. The space is full of creative people and it has just been a pleasure being around all that genius! RMM has events all week long, you can find them on Meetup.

I am currently involved with there Fiber Lab, It is a work in progress, but its really coming along! We acquired a Hammet Loom from Jenniffer Justice, a member of The Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild. I am very grateful to everyone that is supporting the growth of this Lab!

Here is what we did last week!

Miriam Omura arrived with some really strong Warping Thread!

and a sleigh hook

Miriam made a schematic of different Loom structures

Miram showing how to use a Warping Board

Lynette Trying the Warping Board out

Lynette trying the warping board out

Ye counting the warp sections

Taking the warp off the board

Trae making sleigh hook inspired by Irene Walker

Trae cutting metal

finished sleigh hook

finshed sleigh hook and drawings

Detail of Sleigh Hook at RMM

demo of hook

trouble shooting dowel

Elaine making rattle stick

Elaine attaching rattle stick

Elaine demonstrating warping process

dowel insert

Elaine demonstrating warping process

Elaine demonstrating warping process

Elaine demonstrating warping process

Elaine Organizing Warp Thread

Elaine Organizing Warp Thread at RMM

Lynnette seperating warp thread onto rattle stick

Warping thread on rattle stick

Warping thread on rattle stick

Threading Heddles

Threading Heddles Detail of Hook

Thats everything for now! Thank you- Celeste

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