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Botanical Monoprint Shirt Featured in Cellus Hamilton-

Seeds in the Ground ft. Emily Thomas

AMPARO ( Made to order clothing from REDBUBBLE)

Celeste Amparo Pfau is a fine artist based in Bhm, AL USA.  Natural spaces, whether wild or planted are her muse and source of materials. There she gathers flowers, foliage, seeds & roots to use in a unique process.  Her botanical monoprints involve the careful arrangement of ethically harvested plant matter and oil-based inks. Each print, visual or wearable, is created on a manually operated etching press. Celeste hopes that her work can be a bridge to connect people to the natural world and to each other. Celeste's Clothing Brand is called: Amparo, which means PROTECTION. She hopes people who buy her custom clothes as well as clothes created by Redbubble feel as if they are wearing a nature-infused shelter that can protect them from any unforeseen challenges in everyone's day to day lives.

Botanical Monoprints on Scarves and Pre-made clothing

Fashion Collaboration with Celeste Pfau Botanical Mono-prints.

Clothes designed and made by Stephanie Sullivan George

Modeled by Kristalyn Robinson and Gabriela Pfau 

Custom Botanical monoprint on EVERLANE

Silk Shirt

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Asia Tail Commission-4.jpg
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