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Forest City: Lowe Mill Huntsville, AL

Sep-Nov 2016

Beginning as conversations about connecting to place and honoring Alabama’s rich biodiversity, Celeste Pfau & Jon Woolley’s ongoing collaborations re-imagine our built environments to accommodate the more than human world. Utilizing the art process as an experiential learning tool for themselves and the viewer, the artists become ecological storytellers. They believe collaborating with other visual artists, musicians and environmental scholars draw many parallels to the connections that form in the natural world.  


In a rapidly changing world, the artists hope you will feel compelled to slow down, reflect, connect, and engage with this installation.



Keep up with Celeste and Jon:







Lindsey Shante - Synth/Vocals/Samples - @helen_of_coi

Joshua Blackwell - Saxophone/Flute - @butternutsquashua

Meg Ford - Violin - @megsinabasket

Sam Herman - Percussion - @samherman87

Special Canvas Tree:

Fiber Artist Michelle  Reynolds- @mrcoverings

Photographer of costumes:

Charity Ponter- @charityponter

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