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Celeste Amparo Pfau is an interdisciplinary artist who makes fine art as well as interactive public art installations. Her work is  often inspired by the diverse natural and human cultural world of Birmingham, Alabama.


Celeste’s materials and methods include: Pine-needle-vine-leaf sculptures, botanical mono prints, dyed fabrics & weaving,  watercolor & ink paintings, creative writing, photography & video and performance.

Celeste Pfau is a native to Birmingham, however for 6 years she cherished her experiences of living and traveling elsewhere. Celeste gained invaluable experiences about life, culture, art and creativity by living in Brooklyn NY, Bozeman Mt, and through traveling overseas to Chile, Argentina, Greece, and most recently Japan.


Upon moving back to Birmingham, Alabama in 2014, Celeste has  been continuing to develop many meaningful and creative connections:


  • The Bib & Tucker Sew-Op has been a nourishing force of multi generational women who transform textiles into  community quilt art projects which promote education in the fiber arts. This group continues to influence how Celeste teaches and creates her art work.


  • Space One Eleven, a local art gallery and art education nonprofit, has given Celeste the opportunity to create dynamic lessons that allow her to integrate past as well as living Alabama artists into group art projects that use alternative techniques and materials.


  • The Red Mountain Makerspace, has rekindled Celeste’s  desire to cross pollinate science and technology with art. Celeste was the volunteer Fiber Lab Host, and through this position she has had the opportunity to learn a lot more about weaving and sewing and the multiple complexities involved with textile. Celeste has also been exposed to micro controllers arduinos, open ware software and 3D printing for the first time.


  • Ingrid’s Gymnastics, Celeste’s mother’s business, has been her  main employer since August 2014. Celeste has thoroughly enjoyed learning from the challenges that come with being a part of a family owned business, but more importantly, she has also gained a lot from finding creative ways to teach students how to use their bodies safely and creatively as well as showing children that it is good to be strong and use their bodies.

Celeste enjoys meeting and connecting different creative people together when she is planning for an art show and when she is making an art lesson. She believes that all art forms are connected to one another and embraces the idea that music, dance, creative writing, theatre, visual arts and even science can work harmoniously with each other. By combining all of these creative disciplines they begin to enhance and grow one another

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