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The Artery

Greetings, come join us for our very first ART EVENT at


A "baby artist space" located inside THE MOTHER:

(((Ingrid's Gymnastics))): connected to 1st Ave North:

(a major " ROAD ARTERY " that weaves together many communities: Downtown Birmingham , Avondale , Crestwood, East Lake, Roebuck, and many more places in Birmingham)

The spirit of this Art Show embraces:

Nourishment, Spontaneity , Play and Improvisation: the necessary opposite TWIN to the structured and planned event /planned life routine we need to break away from on occasion.

Please Feel FREE to bring something of meaning with you to share:

Whether it's something you made, a pair of clothes/ costume you have not had an occasion to wear yet, a musical instrument you've been itching to play, a poem you've been wanting to share, a dance you’ve made up..a dish of food you made.. The list goes on!

Looking forward to seeing you there this Saturday if you can make it, Feel free to forward this information along! Families,and people of all ages welcome. $5.00 suggested donation if you wish to make a monetary contribution.

Have a wonderful week

"La hija de la madre

The daughter of the mother"

- - -

Celeste Amparo Pfau

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