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Bham Now - Magic City Art Connection - Meet the Artist

Birmingham hosted the 34th annual Magic City Art Connection in Linn Park on April 28th-30th. The event included 200 artists from Alabama and across the country. We caught up with a few Magic City Art Connection artists to find out about their MCAC experience and work.

Celeste Amparo Pfau, MCAC’s 2017 Emerging artist – My process is called botanical monoprinting. I gather natural materials from around Birmingham and the southeast. I use a manually operated etching press in order to get clear images of my compositions. I begin by rolling out a thin layer of oil based ink onto a sheet of plexiglass or thin metal. And then I carefully lay my natural materials onto the inked surface. I use this ink because it does not dry fast! This gives me all the needed time to create my images. Once I am happy with my composition I carefully lay a piece of paper or fabric onto the surface and pass it through the press. Depending on what image I make I will create multiple layered prints. I also use the leaves that are inked up after passing them through the press in my compositions.

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